Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Crazy Life...

This has been a long, crazy week. We rescued a runaway bunny, which was being attacked in our back yard by three mallards. Houdini is now safely back with his owner, a sweet little girl from the neighborhood. Apparently, he lives up to his name on a regular basis. He'll now be living in a rabbit hutch rather than roaming his back yard.

I had a quick trip to the emergency room, even got to take my first ambulance ride. It was not a heart attack, though it certainly felt bad enough to be one. Just another MS episode most likely. They took me off one med and put me on a different one. Just another minor bump in the road of my life.

On a completely random train of thought, it occurred to me I watch TV programs for more than one reason. I love dramas. While watching an episode of Rizzoli and Isles, I realized I wasn't just enjoying the story line, I was enjoying what the characters were wearing, how their apartments were furnished, and the look of certain city locations. In a really well done program, the personality of a character is further established by what they wear, what environment they live in and how their home is decorated. If I played a TV character, I'd be the eccentric, wild-haired hoarder dressed in t-shirts and blue jeans, with a wide variety of art and furniture styles. My show would be a family drama, where people make mistakes, but in the end they always love and support one another. It's a pretty good show! Don't forget to tune in again for another episode of my crazy life! :)


Donna said...

Hahaaa....I Love Rizzoli and Isles too! And I find I'm constantly scanning the rooms!!
Glad the bunny is safe but sorry you had to ride in an ambulance!!
Stay well friend!!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Donna! Trying to stay well. Also dreaming of redecorating my own home. So many ideas!
HUGS to You too!