Monday, May 2, 2016

May Has Arrived...

The weather has been a little more crazy than usual for this time of year, but I've been loving the sunny, colder weather, especially as I know the heat is on it's way.

My Pretty Purple Columbines

At my house, Mz. Duck has moved on, with only three ducklings this year. Don't know why the rest didn't hatch, but that's nature for you. Flowers are in bloom, and I'm loving my columbines! So pretty! Our rhubarb has gone crazy! Last night while I worked on a project, my husband harvested, chopped, and filled freezer containers. There will be a lot of pie in our future!

The project I mentioned was creating, printing, and mailing graduation announcements for our youngest son. That special event is coming up very soon, and I had decided today was my mailing deadline. I got all but a few posted. It's a weight off my shoulders. Now I have to focus on the graduation party. It will be simple, as he prefers something small and intimate, where we just hangout, eat, converse, and perhaps play some games. He's never been much for big, noisy parties.

Life just keeps moving along, often faster than we imagined, bringing change. There is a bit of nostalgia for what we've left behind, but also a heightened anticipation for all the joys which lie ahead!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Hello Nita Jo!!! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my little blog! I soooo appreciate you doing so. Congrats on your son's graduation! Have fun! Love the that little sweet plant! Best to you!

Donna said...

Ahhh, Graduation!
Time is Flying by!!!
Love the flowers!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks ladies! I so appreciate the sweet comments, and you taking time out of your day to visit me! It means a lot to me! Big Hugs! :)

Scottish Nanna said...

Hi Nita Jo Thinking of you Popped in to say Hellow Hope you and Family are all well Big Hugs to you xx Mary

Nita Jo said...

Mary, how nice to hear from you! We are all doing well! :)