Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Good Day...

It was a productive Saturday for me. I decided to stay off the Internet and limit my phone time to just the one call I had promised to make. As a result, I got some cleaning and laundry done, cleared a mess on my back patio, filled the bird feeder, organized some of my recipes, did a little reading, watched a British mystery program, and even baked a cake.

While sorting through recipes, I had spotted one for my grandma's 7-Up Cake. I didn't have any 7-Up, but I did have Ginger Ale, so I tweaked the recipe using it instead. I added ginger, cinnamon, and a touch of cloves in place of the lemon flavoring, which I also did not have. The family reviews were all thumbs up, so this updated version will be a keeper!

Earlier in the week, my husband was broadsided and his car totaled. Other than a slight whiplash and muscle strain, he is ok. Since the other driver was at fault for running the stop sign, all costs are being covered. PJ stayed home a couple days to recover, but was back delivering mail today! I'm feeling very thankful!

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