Saturday, April 8, 2017

Life, Movies, Tears...

Life has been crazy lately. My husband is still dealing with the legalities and after effects of the car accident, which was not his fault, but they are still making it difficult to settle the hospital bills. A cousin's husband, who is also a friend, is battling cancer. The diagnosis wasn't good, but they have strong faith and a lot of people praying for him. My health has been giving me issues, but I'm pushing back by resting when I need to and taking care of getting myself to see the doctor, which I tend to avoid.

One of my favorite escapes from life's stresses is to put in a good movie. I've been revisiting some childhood favorites. Today it was the 1963 Disney movie, The Incredible Journey. I bought the paperback in 1968, and loved reading it just as much as I loved the movie. This is the version I had.

The following may be a spoiler, if you've never read the book or seen the movie, so you may want to stop reading now...

Even after seeing the movie, and knowing the story so well, it still gets me right in the heart. It's about the journey of Luath, Bodger, and Tao. I love animals, and when old Bodger comes walking out of the woods, the tears just started flowing. I was thinking of all the animals who had been in, and then out, of my life over the years. They become part of the family. I'm not currently a pet owner, but one of these days I'll be making room for another. Right now, I make do by feeding the birds and keeping an eye on the mama duck, who is nesting in my front garden.

Since this is poetry month, here is a link to a favorite of mine. If you don't like to click on links, it is found on YouTube. It's read by the author, Jimmy Stewart, during an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and it's called A Dog Named Beau... Have your hanky nearby, unless you're made of stone, which I am not. Crying again, but it's worth every tear. 


Donna said...

Awww!!! WHAT WRECK????
Yes, I've been away.... Hope he's alright???
And I watched Carson the night he read his poem... TEARJERKER!
And YOU get to the doctor little girl if you need to!
Stop thinking and just go...

Nita Jo said...

Hi Donna! His car was hit and totaled. He was achy, but not seriously hurt, thankfully! I finally did get in to see my doc, but I tend to put it off ,maybe longer than I should. I was also watching Carson that night. I've always been a fan of Carson and Stewart, so it was an especially wonderful show to watch! Big Hugs to you!