Monday, April 10, 2017

Working on Poems...

My commitment to writing, poetry and otherwise, has been neglected terribly in recent months. Here we are in the second week of poetry month, and I have nothing new to offer. I decided to be spontaneous, write whatever popped into my head this morning, and share some rough works in progress. So here goes...

Work in progress #1:

ice cream
tied to childhood
memories keen, bright
sitting with mom
hot summer days
cold dripping down over
fingers and chin
melty goodness
melty hearts

Work in progress #2:

There's nothing like a puppy
warm, snuggly being
liquid, loving eyes
completely devoted

There's nothing like a puppy
but there's a kitten
a purring therapist for
petting your problems away
through soft fur
until a sudden attack
on fingers
shooting you back to
reality, then paw reaches out
lightly tapping, is it love
or just temporary consolation
until the next aberration

Work in progress #3:

I hear the ducks calling to each other
feuding over females, or seeds
I hear the morning doves cooing
comforting sounds, through the reeds
I hear the chickadee, the robin, the sparrow
voices raised in song, so many breeds
I hear the traffic sounds, cars and trucks
just inches from nature, progress speeds

© 10Apr2017 ajjahner

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