Friday, June 16, 2017

Forgotten Treasures...

Yesterday, I spent the day going through a couple of large boxes,  "picture frames, etc" is what they were marked with. In one box, I found 8X10 photos of myself as a baby, my grandparents, my dad, a wedding photo and more. In the other box were my dad's obituary, death certificate, honorable discharge from the army, funeral book, his stories and poems, and the stories and poems of a cousin. There was also political memorabilia from the Reagan and Bush years, including a sympathy certificate signed by President Bush. My grandpa Mike's obituary was also there, along with photocopies of old pictures. Mom was very big on photocopying.

My dad...
The timing of rediscovering all of this, just before Father's Day, added to the emotion. I had a good cry, then I turned on House Hunters International and started prepping the final ingredients for the Chicken Enchilada Casserole, I'd started earlier in the crock pot. The chicken had to cook in the sauce for 4 hours before adding the tortillas, olives, and cheese. Everyone was happy to have a hot meal, but we all agreed it would have been better without the olives or maybe a different brand. I love olives, but they were very strong.

Speaking of forgotten treasures, I ran across this old photo. It shows some of my favorite things. The picture was taken years ago, but I still have most of these. Seeing them showcased like this somehow made me appreciate them more.

Books and other lovely treasures!
Well, I suppose it's time to think about dinner. I'm not too excited about leftover enchiladas. I guess I can pick out the olives like my 5 year old self would have done. Haha!

If you still have your father, hug him great big! If he's gone, like mine is, take a moment to revisit the happy memories.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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