Sunday, May 4, 2008

Life is Grand!

Another Sunday at home. This will be five in a row. Finally, feeling a small improvement today.

During her break my niece came home, and we had our own little church service. She played guitar and sang choruses, then switched to the piano. It was a nice time of song, prayer, and meditation on what God has done for me. I am so blessed. Life isn't easy, but who said it would be. It's not easy, but it's good!

I'm enjoying waiting for the ducklings to hatch out. I have had to run a neighbor cat off several times, but so far there are still 13 eggs intact. There are also baby birds in my little birdhouse. It sits just a few feet from the duck's nest. They've been chirping a lot, which may be why the cat is so interested in my garden this year! I just hope I don't have to experience some "graphic nature" in my own front yard!

Today's Quote:

"Just to be alive is a grand thing." - Agatha Christie

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