Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reminiscing, Brunch & Yard Sales

My telephone rang at 7:30 am today! I wanted to answer, "Who died?" but thought better of that. It was actually a wonderful surprise. I got invited to go along to a Mother's Day Breakfast with my cousins Ramona and her sister Shelley, their girls, and their mom.

Ramona and her girls picked me up at my house. We had JB's breakfast buffet. I hadn't done a buffet in years. It was a treat. Reminiscing was so much fun. Our mothers were friends from childhood and it was so nice to hear stories about my mom. I still miss her. Always will.

We talked so long, that we doubled the tip to make up for monopolizing our server's table. She was all smiles over that. We enjoyed the beautiful, sunny morning by sitting on the patio and chatting for another half hour or so.

On the way back to my house we saw it... Yard Sale! Ramona's van just naturally turned that way while we ignored the groans of the two teens in the back seat. My mother was the yard sale Queen! She found so many amazing things when she'd go. We found a few little treasures, and the girls ended up getting a very expensive paint ball set for a very low price. They were ecstatic!

I believe Ramona and I are doing are part to pass on the great Yard Sale heritage to the next generaton! It was a very nice Mother's Day Celebration.

My Mother
A Lady, Both Lovely and Bright.
- Sir Walter Scott

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