Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faith Folk Cafe - Friday Challenge

Please visit Faith Folk Cafe and check out Pam Warden's Friday Challenge. She posted two questions. You post your answer in the comments section. Even if you choose not to comment, it is a unique and uplifting blog to visit. You can go there by clicking on the title of this post.

I shared about how I am thankful for so many things today. My health has improved a bit the past couple of days. This is after weeks of dealing with what is called an exacerbation of my Multiple Sclerosis. I tire very easily, my muscles have gotten weaker, and my vision has been affected. I have had to wrestle with not allowing myself to become discouraged, and I'm not ashamed to admit I've had some dark days. Because I live with MS, keeping my home in order is very difficult at times.

Now, before this starts sounding like a pity party, I have to say that God has blessed me abundantly in my life. I have a husband who stands beside me no matter what comes. I have two wonderful sons, when doctor's told me I would most likely not have children. I know what a tremendous blessing that is. It's like I've shared before, I cannot let my circumstances determine my faith.

The other thing I am thankful for today is that my cousin Sally, who many have been praying for, is improving from her stroke a little bit every day. I am thankful for her continued improvement. She has now been moved to the rehab area of the hospital. Please continue to hold her in your prayers. If you want to see who you are praying for, visit Nitajos Photos (link over to the right), where I have posted a picture of Sally.

I plan on serving God by serving my family. This weekend is a time for reclaiming some order in my home. God has blessed me with an improvement in my health, and I want to share that with my family. I have made plans to purge some excess "stuff" from my home. Some will be donated, some will go into my church's rummage sale, and some may go to Freecycle.

God has placed some ideas and dreams in my heart. I am praying for guidance in making decisions in the areas of writing and art/crafts. I also hope that by pursuing the dreams that have been placed in my heart, I will honor God.

I am thankful for the questions posted at Faith Folk Cafe. It challenged me to do some reflecting. Please take the time to visit, and while you are there, be sure to read the interview with artist, Jane DesRosier. She is a favorite artist of mine, and she is also the newest member of Faith Folk Cafe, joining with Pam and Mystele.

Nita Jo


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I will be praying for you this morning. Be well.

Donna said...

Sending you hugs and prayers!

Nita Jo said...

Laura & Donna, Thanks for your prayers and concern. I really appreciate it. Am doing well today!

Nita Jo said...

Nita Jo you are a blessing! What a sweet post, as you point to the Lord even in your brokenness. "A bruised reed he will not break and a smoldering wick he will not put out."
I will be praying for you as you continue to serve Him by serving others, remembering that He promises that,"in our weaknesses, He is strong." Also will pray for your cousin Sally. I think we need to start a prayer list on Faith Folk so we can see it easily, in the sidebar.
We've linked your site to Faith Folk.

raymond pert said...

I'm not bossy very often.

From this point forward, you are forbidden from using the phrase "pity pary" (or its ugly cousin "whine") if all you are doing is documenting the straight facts about your MS.

When you write what's going on it helps your friends pinpoint their prayers.

It also helps those who know you, whether in person or virtually, to understand the facts of your life.

I write about my health sometimes. I don't want anyone's pity. I just want friends and family to know what's happening.


You know, the other thing that's good about you writing about your struggles with MS is that it helps people who read your blog understand more about MS.

I feel that way when I write about depression and kidney disease and the meningitis I survived. Esp. when it comes to depression, I want my readers to understand that depression's not just about being bummed out.

"When's that guy gonna quit yackin'?"

Right now!

Hope I wasn't too blunt.

Nita Jo said...

Pam, Thanks for the uplifting comments and for your prayers for Sally. Her struggles continue. A prayer list is a great idea!

Raymond Pert, Thank you for the perspective! It helps to hear from someone else who's dealing with healh issues.

Many people tell me not to talk about the MS, but that just isn't me. The pity party comment was for those friends; to help with their understanding.

I love what you said about depression. I have been there and was told to just "look on the sunny side". In fact, depression is one of the most common side effects of MS meds. It's a brain chemistry problem, not a glass half empty problem!

And, you don't have to quit yackin when you've got such helpful things to say!

And you were just blunt enough!