Tuesday, August 12, 2008

School, Art, Yard Sale...

This has been a busy week for me. Lucky 13 had registration yesterday. We waited until the last hour of the schedule, just hoping everyone else hadn't done the same. It was the quickest, easiest school registration we ever had. Even the photographer was relaxed and L-13's photo turned out great! He's so happy to have his braces off, and I had him leave the retainer at home so it wouldn't have to be in the pictures. He's getting all the classes he wanted, but won't know the exact order until the first day of school. I'm just happy he's decided to stay in Orchestra. He plays the cello and I love listening to him play.

Today, after getting home from an appointment, I spent a long time reading through older posts of Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio (her link is over on the side bar under My Favorite Places). It was fun to follow her blogging progress from when she began up till the present. She has created so many beautiful pieces of art. It was a relaxing way to spend my time.

I also spent some time scanning old photographs that I hope to use in some of my artwork. I even found a Marriage Certificate from the 1930's and a Report Card that belonged to my Grandma Ruth. I plan to make some type of collage, incorporating these with photos of her. When I get one finished, I will post a photo.

My church is hosting a huge two-day yard sale in two weeks. I have tons of stuff to get ready for the sale. I'm looking forward to doing a little shopping myself. I'm hoping to find a few treasures.

If I don't get around to posting much, it will be because I'm in my garage digging through boxes and trying to convince myself it's time to sell. If I don't get rid of some stuff, I won't have room for anything new!

Before I forget, check out the new photos I added to my photo blog (click on Nitajos Photos over to the right). There's a nice picture of PJ and his 52 Chevy.

Well, goodnight dear friends... I'm off to watch an episode of the Gilmore Girls before I fall to sleep for the night!

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