Thursday, July 16, 2009


Soak is the name of our church`s midweek worship service. It's one of the newer activities, though I'm sure it's been going for a year or so. Anyway, I went for the first time last night. It was a warm, wonderful time. Lights low, Laurie* playing the piano and singing. People lost in prayer, singing along, or both. She led in a selection of new songs, some she wrote, and some old well-loved hymns and choruses.

It was relaxing and uplifting. Following was a meeting of our volunteers that are working at this summers Youth Camp. I love camp, and am planning to go this year. They are very kind to me and usually give me a job helping with the afternoon snack bar. My husband will be helping in the kitchen again.

One of the fun things about the volunteer meeting was seeing the faces of so many "kids" that grew up in the church, and attending camp, now volunteering as counselors, etc. They are passing on the camp legacy to the next generation. This is the 50th Anniversary of our Church Camp. I attended many of those years, beginning at age 7. I have so many wonderful memories. It was always the highlight of my summers.

Well, it's time to go pull a few weeds, before the temperature gets too high. Supposed to be 100 or so today. Too hot for me! I am going to spend part of my afternoon in a movie theatre with my friend DeAnn and our boys. I think it's been over two years since I went to a theatre! And yes, I am going to buy the small (but highly overpriced) buttered popcorn and an icy Coke!

*Laurie Roberts - See sidebar photolink to hear some of her music. (Yes, this is another bold, unashamed plug. I happen to think she's one of Christian radio's undiscovered treasures! God is using her nevertheless...always the more!)


Silver Valley Girl said...

SOAK sounds like a wonderful time. I'm so glad you went and were blessed. And I'm glad you are going to church camp this year. Zoe and Coco are getting excited!! Love you my friend!!

Donna said...

Glad you had a nive visit at church!
And OnMan! Wish I could go with you to the show! Enjoy!hughugs

Nita Jo said...

SVG - Love you too! I'm looking forward to camp. Just to get away from home for a bit will be wonderful!

Donna - I wish you could go with me too! Too bad we are so far apart in reality... seems so close in blogland!