Sunday, July 26, 2009

Away For a Bit...

Hello friends! Sorry about my lack of new material. Summer has me either tired and napping, or sitting in an easy chair with sweet tea and a good book! I also have a dozen or more magazines that I am enjoying. It's so nice to have reading glasses!

Before I go any further, I must say "farewell" to my oldest niece. She hit the road in a U-Haul early today. She is off to pursue the only thing she has ever dreamed of... to be a full-time singer/songwriter/musician. She's written hundreds of songs and has performed locally. Now she is on to the next phase of the dream. I will miss her so, but I wish her love, joy, and success. I will be waiting to purchase that first CD!

I will be gone this week, but will be checking back in with all of you next weekend. I'm taking some reading material with me, my sketchpad and pencils, a notebook, and a comfortable camp chair. Maybe the change of scenery will inspire me back to my writing.

Speaking of inspiration, here are some Free Images for you. They come from Dover Clip Art, which offers a large assortment of images to use in your art projects. They should enlarge when you click on them. Then just right click and save to your own art file. You can save them even if they do not enlarge. There is a frame from one of the many Celtic books, an image from the Gibson Girls collection, and two florals from Ladies Flower Garden. Enjoy!

Hugs & Blessings!
Nita Jo


Donna said...

Enjoy your rest sweetie!!!hughugs

Donna said...

Have fun on your vacation jaunt! And thank you for the lovely graphics!