Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Theme for the November Brenda Photo Challenge... Broken...

Time to get ready for the next Brenda Photo Challenge!  (click on the name to sign up)

We have three weeks to get our photos taken and posted! 
The Theme is Broken.  The date is Saturday, November 13th!

This is always a lot of fun.  I post my entries on my photo blog... Nita Jo's Photos
I have to admit, I've neglected my photo blog lately.  I haven't even entered the Challenge for a while, but I'm definitely entering this one.  If I can't take three photos on this theme... well, let's just say all I have to do is walk out to my backyard to find one or two subjects that fit. 

I may be absent for a few days... my youngest sis arrives today!  We have a lot to pack into this visit, so I'll see you after...  Maybe I'll even post an "honest" picture of me if we take some.  My profile picture is from the 70's... it is labeled "young Nita Jo" but maybe it's time for "much older, very overweight, but still happy Nita Jo"...  We'll see...



Donna said...

Ahhh, Thanks for the "plug" Miz Nita!! Love your photos!
Enjoy your visit!!

Donna said...

Yes, yes, please jump back into the photo challenge! Have fun with your visit too.

My blog profile picture was taken in the 50s, so think I have you beat, LOL. Older and overweight - who cares!? It's the happy part that REALLY matters!

Nita Jo said...

Donna, You're welcome! I love the photo challenge, and I look at the pictures even when I haven't been able to participate!

and Donna, Jumping! Lol! I've had a wonderful visit with my sister. Will get to see her once more when she comes back here to catch her flight home! I love your picture! And you are right... Who Cares!

Hugs to both of you!
Nita Jo

Carol Mae said...

Nita Jo, Thanks for the nice comment on my Pin Cushions, Your blog is very nice and will be back often. Smiles, Carol Mae

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Carol Mae! I really enjoy your blog too! Thanks for stopping by.

Nita Jo