Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm Back...

I've been online a few times, but just hadn't taken the time to get back to blogging.  Still working out computer issues, as always.  We went to visit my father-in-law.  I hadn't been over in four years, and it was nice to be able to travel again.  I did really well on the trip.  Didn't even have to take much pain medication.

Today I'm waiting on CAT Scan results.  Had to have two of them done last Thursday.  Most of you know how claustrophobic I am, so when they said they'd have to bind my arms for the second scan, I could feel the panic rising.  The scans were four hours apart, so I took an extra Xanax for the second one, prayed a lot, and practiced visualizing happy things.  I did just fine with it, but was pretty groggy from the Xanax well into the next day.

Anybody else out there with "space" issues?  I do not like small, confined spaces... MRI machines, elevators, tiny rooms with only one exit (this is why I won't see movies at the historic Flicks movie theatres anymore)...

I was able to get out to church yesterday.  It was a great service, and was just what I needed.  It is always good to look outside yourself and your circumstances.  Perspective.  Positive attitude...

These are definitely things I needed this past couple of days.  We made the mistake of co-signing for an apartment rental for someone.  They didn't default, but the roommate did.  Although we were told my husband was only signing for one, the fine print legally tied him to the roommates debt.  After a large hit to our credit card (which we have been trying so hard to pay down) and many tears of frustration, we can say "lesson learned" and try to move on.  We hope at some point the young lady will pay us back.

Happy news!  My youngest sis is coming to visit for a few days, first at my home and then over to her mom's.  It's been about four years since she's been here.  I am so excited to see her!  I'm trying to think of what all we can squeeze into the two days that she's staying with me.  We have so much to catch up on!

Well, I know this was a long, long post... just so much on my mind today.
I hope you're all enjoying the wonderful autumn weather like I am! 

Nita Jo

Update:  In case anyone "guessed" the identity of the young lady we covered the debt for.  There were extenuating circumstances, landlord difficulties, etc.  Also, once she learned what we'd done, she immediately made plans to pay us back.  Awesome young woman!

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