Thursday, May 19, 2011

Departures and Arrivals

The circle of life goes on and on...  Today, as one family gathers to say their final goodbyes to a precious daughter, another family gathers to welcome a new life into this world.
Beautiful Elizabeth...
Make-A-Wish moment... Elizabeth & Matt Shadow from Avenged Sevenfold, her favorite band

This past weekend, Elizabeth Sandra, Lizzy, left this life for the next.  My heart goes out to her family and friends, with special prayers for her parents, grandparents, and her brothers and sisters. Today will be a hard day for them.  They surrounded Elizabeth with their love for 17 years.  I pray that even in their pain, they will also feel God's love and peace.  I also want to thank those of you who have prayed for her, and are still praying for her family.

Last night, my cousin's daughter had her fourth child, a tiny little girl.  Iris Jane, after two of her great grandmothers.  She is my aunt and uncle's 6th great grandchild.  They say she is both great and grand!

In between the goodbyes and the hellos, a lot of living goes on.  This day is a reminder for me, to enjoy each precious minute we have with those we love.  To celebrate their lives every single day.  And to let those you love, know that you do love them.


Sally said...

I'm so sorry, yet happy for the new healthy child. Life can be so bittersweet.

Donna said...

A tearful HUG to you sweetie! Elizabeth is beautiful and wrapped in God's arms!
And Such a joy at welcoming New life on Earth!I'm with Bittersweet...

nonizamboni said...

Because Dear Donna told us about your loss, I'm visiting to tell you I'll keep praying. And that dear new arrival.
I grew up in Pocatello. Near you?