Friday, May 27, 2011


We attended my youngest son's final High School Orchestra Concert last night.  It was awesome!  Lucky 13 plays the cello.  He got to riff a bit, on his electric cello, during their last song.  Like me, he gets a bit of stage fright... the shaking hands.  I played piano, and that kept me from going as far with it as I might have.  Singing never scared me as much as playing.  He really pushed through it, and he ended up having a great final performance.

His Senior year was taken from him by illness, so instead of graduating last year, he is completing his final classes this summer.  He has just two to go, and they will be done at an online High School.  The wonderful thing is, all of the delays won't matter a few years from now.  As I've told him, it only matters what you're doing today!  Don't hang on to regrets of the past.  High School will only be a small blip on the map of your life. 

I am so proud of him.  He played so well last night and with such  confidence!  Another "era" ends, and it's on to new beginnings...

You gain strength, courage and confidence
by every experience in which you stop
to look fear in the face.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt


Donna said...

SO happy he did great!
I don't remember much about HS Either!Hahaa
Happy weekend sweetie!

Sally said...

That's awesome. I know you have every reason to be proud. :)

Donna said...

Congratulations to your son! I know you have to be so proud of him and what he's been able to accomplish, despite illness and adversity! He's met challenges and he's STRONGER as a result! The challenges in life are the ones that help extend our full potential!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Ladies! It was encouraging to read your words. He is doing great right now, flying through the final two courses!