Thursday, May 26, 2011

Farewell to Oprah...

I haven't tuned in every day, but I have to admit that Oprah has had an impact on my life over the past 25 years.  My oldest son said she's been on the air all his life... he turns 25 this year.

Oprah turned a light on and exposed a lot of inhumanity in our world.  She gave a voice to people who had lost their voice to violence, fear, sickness, prejudice...  She provided a platform for music and literature and laughter.  Oprah added a wonderful diversity to the mundane programming that had been on in the afternoons.  It had the feel of those old-time variety shows that I loved as a kid.

She introduced me to many writers, including one of my favorites, Maya Angelou.  When I was too ill to do much of anything, I looked forward to what new surprises Oprah would bring. 

Whether you loved her, hated her, or were indifferent, there is no denying she will forever remain an iconic figure to a generation.  Oprah, I will miss you.


Donna said...

I use to like more.
BUT, I'm glad she brought YOU joy sweetie!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Donna! You always make me smile. I had not watched very much in recent years, so I'm going on what I remember. Hugs to you!