Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hot August Days

We have been having a heat wave, typical for August.  It was like stepping into a sauna yesterday.  I went out to get my mail earlier, and it was gearing up for more of the same. 

Do you live at a slower pace in the hot summer days?  I do.  The days seem to stretch out so much longer in the heat.  I bumped my AC down a notch and enjoyed walking around my house with icy, cold toes for a while.  I'm listening to music while I type... Etta James is singing "A Sunday Kind of Love"... so nice!  My Snapple Peach iced tea drink just hits the spot right now.  I have an urge to pull out a favorite book, curl up on the sofa, and read for hours. 

Enjoy the lazy days of summer, soon they'll be just a pleasant memory.


Donna said...

I know Miz Nita but it's SO friggin' hot here in Texas...Ice...Sounds Lovely!!!Hahaa

Nita Jo said...

Our temp has dropped to a "cool" 97 this evening. Lol! Too hot for me, but at least it's not like when I lived in Phoenix... 115! I hope Texas isn't quite that bad!