Saturday, August 27, 2011

Watching and waiting

Prayers are going out to our East Coast friends during this terrible storm we're calling Irene

Storms like this one remind me of storms that come into people's lives.  Some are just passing minor events, and then there are those big ones.  The ones that do damage, that leave sorrow and devastation in their wake.  All we can do when faced with such ferocity, is stand fast and be courageous. 

For my friends who are going through personal Irene's, I wish you peace.  For those facing this natural monster of a storm, Irene, I pray for your protection and a huge measure of courage.


Donna said...

What a sweet post NitaJo!
Still praying for you and the family!!!

Nita Jo said...

Oh thank you Donna! I appreciate the prayers. So many people are struggling with "storms" these days. We could all use some hope!
Hugs to you too!