Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time For Courage

I received the results of my MRI last night.  My GP phoned me.  It was two-fold, spinal cord lesions from the MS and further collapse of the vertebrae in my neck.  For me, this means going on some pretty dangerous medication for the MS and surgery on my neck.  Not the news I'd hoped for.

I had a few minutes of crying last night, but then I remembered... the women in my family have courage in the face of danger and despair.  So I'm grabbing hold of every grain of courage I possess.  I may still have moments of tears, but I can survive this too.  I have survived so many obstacles in my life.  This will not beat me.  I am a survivor.  My word of the day is Courage.  Courage!

Make that "I Can Do It!"


Deborah said...

I admire your courage ... and I'd like to add my positive thoughts, love and good wishes your way too x

Donna said...

Oh dear! I am going to keep you in my prayers! And if anyone can be brave, it's YOU!