Friday, March 9, 2012

This, That, and The Other

Why I've been absent...
My writing for NaBloPoMo is lagging this month.  It's not for lack of desire, but due to family circumstances.  My dad-in-law is still in serious condition, and our hearts and minds are consumed with it all.  The uncertainly of it falls into the category Whether, as decisions are made regarding his care.  I appreciate those of you who continue to remember him in your prayers.

Now on to the writing... 
I just read a post about the love of writing, and how to get started.
Here is my new favorite quote... 

"It begins with words." 
Christy Woolum

Christy writes about how she gets her students started writing.  I'm not going to share her secrets.  I am just going to encourage you to read her post at Learning By Heart.

On to other things...
I recently blogged about an amazing giveaway, hosted by Debra at Common Ground.  It was for a gift certificate to the Etsy Shop English Transferware.  This shop is run by Nancy of Nancy's Daily Dish.  I won the giveaway!  If you're not familiar with transferware, here is a photo with some examples:

This image is owned by Nancy, of Nancy's Daily Dish.
There are so many beautiful pieces of transferware, that I'm having a difficult time making a decision.  If you haven't visited Debra or Nancy, take a few minutes to have a look at their beautiful blogs.  You won't be sorry.

And Other Stuff...

Earlier this month, I was given a blog award by Andrea of From the Sol.  I had decided to make my blog Award Free recently, but I'm making an exception because I thought the questions and random facts were fun!  Andrea is a new blogger, and I am really enjoying From The Sol.  I want to encourage all of my friends to visit her!  She has some beautiful photography and is such a warm, friendly person.  Here is the award information:

 The Rules:
1. Thank & link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answer the form questions below.
3. Share ten random facts / thoughts about yourself.
4. Nominate (at least) 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

I want to sincerely thank Andrea of From the Sol for honoring me with this award.  Andrea, it is a joy getting to know you, and I'm so happy you have become one of my blogging friends!

My Answers to the Questions...
  1. Favorite Song: I can't say I have one favorite. I love all kinds of music. A few favorites... Amazing Grace, Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Eva Cassidy), Dream (Priscilla Ahn), Both Sides Now, Forever Young... there are just too many to list.
  2. Favorite Dessert: Gooseberry Pie... followed very closely by Rhubarb Pie and Cheesecake!
  3. What Ticks Me Off: Liars! I hate deceit.
  4. If I am upset: I find it best to retreat to a quiet place until I feel calm... I did say that was best, sometimes I just cry all over the place. I do try to keep the crying and moaning to a minimum. Lol!
  5. Favorite Pet: I have loved many, but my favorite cat was Tomasina, a beautiful Calico I had while growing up. She was so gentle. She let me dress her in doll clothes and carry her around. She brought me field mice she'd caught... ewwwie! She “talked” to me, and I loved her!
  6. Black or White: If referring to clothing, I generally lean more toward black. In décor, I like a bit of both, with lots of other accent colors.
  7. Biggest Fear: That my husband or my boys will be hurt. That my MS disability will get so bad, that I become only a burden to my family.
  8. Everyday Attitude: It changes like the weather. I do have the ability to bounce back from hard times, and I have faith that things happen for a reason. I believe that all people have some good in them, even when it isn't always visible.
  9. What is perfection: Life, with all it's uncertainty.
  10. Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate, Coffee, A good book, or movie, Pinterest, FaceBook's Words with Friends, and blogging... when I should be cleaning.

Here are my 10 Random Facts... and they are really random...

  1. I love my family. My husband is my best friend. My sons are amazing, kind human beings. I am very blessed!
  2. I'm a writer. That's not an easy thing for me to say. I've often put too many rules and/or restrictions on myself... not good enough, not educated enough, not published. I write because it's part of who I am. I need to write, whether anyone else ever reads it or not. I am a writer.
  3. Music is part of me. I can't imagine a world without beautiful music.
  4. I am a very spiritual person, and I believe in premonitions, intuition, second sight... whatever you want to call it.
  5. I both love and fear animals.
  6. I'm funny when I don't mean to be, and if I try to tell a joke, it falls flat.
  7. An organized house is my dream, but I seem to lack the necessary skills or concentration to make it happen.
  8. I'm fascinated by family history.
  9. I worry about offending people... maybe that stems from a need to be liked.
  10. Making a list like this is hard, because I worry that I've put the wrong answers, left something out, said too much, offended someone, sounded lame/stupid/delusional/or any of a million other things that are just wrong. Oh, did I mention, I obsess too much?
I had a difficult time deciding who to give this award to.  There are so many blogs I love and read on a regular basis.  Here are 7 that I know you will enjoy visiting.  I will just say, I won't be hurt... not even a tiny bit, if any of you choose not to participate.  I know many blogs have chosen to be award free, as I have... with this exception.  So, that said, I would love to pass this award on to... in alphabetical order:

Carol at Silver Valley Stories
Christy at Learning by Heart
Donna at Cottage Days and Journeys
Donna at Made in Heaven
Gail at Shabby Cottage Studio
Lana at Honeysuckle Lane
Mary at Scottish Nanna

I want to wish each of you a beautiful day!


Lana said...

Awww, thank you, Nita Jo! I'll try to do the award thing over the weekend.
Praying for your family. It's hard to watch a loved one suffer. My own FIL is in bad health now, too.

Have a blessed weekend. :)

Donna said...

Congratulations on your win! Darn it, I was hoping to be the lucky one! Oh well, I'm delighted that it's you, LOL! You'll have to feature a post on what you pick out. I know what you mean about all the choices. Such beautiful pieces!

And thank you so much for the award. I have gone award-free for a while now, but I am deeply complimented that I made your short list of recommendations to visit!!!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Lana! I appreciate the prayers so much. I always enjoy your blog, so I hope the award is fun for you. Saying prayers for your fil too!

Donna, I was really surprised to win. I hope that doesn't negate the contest I entered to win a trip to London! LOL! That's fine about the award. I just love your blog, so maybe it will send a few more folks your way. I post my blog on FaceBook too.

Andrea said...

Oh, you do indeed obsess, but in a very cute and clever way. I loved your answers and enjoyed learning more about you.

You are a writer ... a good one. I do hope you will publish so the rest of the world can see and feel your talent.

I will say a prayer for your health each day. Your strength is your attitude ... It will keep you strong. And, you will never be a burden to you family. Love doesn't work that way.


Nita Jo said...

Andrea, Your words touched my heart. Thank you. I will keep writing and maybe one day have my dream of being published. I appreciate your prayers!

Donna said...

Awwww....thank you Dear Friend!
I Really appreciate YOU!
You're Such a good writer girl...hope to read more.
Am still praying for you and the family!!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I am happy for you that your husband is your best friend...