Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome November!

It is an absolutely beautiful November day here!  There are still gorgeous leaves on the trees, lovely days and cold nights.  Perfection! While I enjoy the blessings of such a start to November, my heart goes out to those on the East Coast, who have had such devastation in their lives.  So while I give thanks for my blessings, prayers go out to those who are not as fortunate today.
This is a photo of Camel's Back Park in Boise, Idaho, taken by my husband with his cell phone.

What does November mean to you?  For me, it reminds me of happy family times.  The bounty of harvest; the raking and burning of leaves, after jumping in the piles, of course; the coziness of a fire in a fireplace; practicing for the Christmas piano recitals and Sunday School Programs with my lil sis; Grandma's deep dish apple cobbler; my birthday celebrations, with Mom bringing me a Date Nut Cake from the Royal Restaurant... so good;  Thanksgiving meals complete with Turkey and all the trimmings, football, board games, laughter... family.  November is about family.

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Donna said...

Love the photo sweet friend!!
Yep, I hear the turkey calling as I type!Hahaaa