Thursday, December 6, 2012

Not Quite Ready...

Six days into December, and I don't have my Christmas tree up!  We can't decide on a natural tree or a new artificial one this year.  If we go artificial, I want a tall, skinny one that will take up less floor space, and I want it to already have lights installed.  Our existing lights are very old, and should be replaced anyway.  My husband looked at artificial trees on sale, but they were sold out of the skinny ones.  I guess we should have started earlier.  Looks like a natural tree may win by default!

Before I go, here are some music videos that I love.  They may help you greet this Christmas season with a little more peace, hope, and joy.

I Heard the Bells

One Holy Night

And... Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel

I Heard the Bells is one of my all-time favorites, One Holy Night is a beautiful original composition, and Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel is so poignant and beautiful, with a gorgeous cello part that I love.  Laurie Roberts is my cousin, and Tammy is her cousin (she feels like mine, though technically she's not). The selections are from an album they made last year.  There are a few more of their songs on Laurie's YouTube page.  Please feel free to share with your friends on your blogs, Facebook pages, or wherever.  Laurie's blog is SingTeachRun, and Tammy's is Forever in First: A First Grade Blog.  I hope you enjoy the music and the blogs.  Blessings my friends!


Donna said...

I Love O Holy Night...beautiful!!

Tammy said...

Thank you "cousin" Anita for sharing our songs. You are quite a blessing.
❀ Tammy
Forever in First