Friday, November 22, 2013

Countdown to Thanksgiving...

So much to do in the next couple of days, and my husband and I have been down with horrid colds!  He rarely gets sick, and now both of us are battling the coughing/runny nose/achy/tiredness, which is not a good thing.  We're subsisting on chicken soup, crackers, tea and juice, along with Alka-Seltzer Plus and cough drops.

He's been confining himself to the bedroom, and watching a lot of the history channel, when he's awake.  I've got the family room sofa, and have been watching a lot of old TV shows, movies, HGTV, etc.  I've missed the middle section of most of them.  I wake up in time to see the credits rolling by.  Haha!

I have been doing a lot of mental planning for the holidays.  What to bake, gifts to buy, cards to send.  I'm thinking of buying a new artificial tree this year. Last year we got a real one because our old artificial tree is so huge.  I want a tall, thin tree that doesn't take quite so much space.  I was going to buy one right after the holidays last year and take advantage of the sales, but the ones I liked had all sold out.  I may just have to buck up and pay the full price.

I know this is kind of a rambling post, but I'm blaming it on my cold meds!  I'll try to write something truly fascinating next time!  Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace?  I can hear you laughing...  :)

Until next time, God bless you all!


Donna said...

I hope you both get to feeling better soon! The thinner trees are a lot easier to fit in and easier to decorate too! We switched over to the thin artificial trees a couple of years ago. I hope you get one!

Donna said...

Oh nooo...Nothing like getting sick around the holidays!
Lots of rest, liquids to flush out your systems....
I got a new tree year before last...a full one. I just like the look of them.
Feel Better Soon!!!

Donna said...

Just wanted to stop in Nita to say Merry Christmas! I also have something I want you to look more into...Dr John McDougall. Here's a link for you to read.

Copy and paste it into the web search line. I listened to him on the radio last night and everything he said made so much sense....
Love you!