Saturday, November 16, 2013

Quite the Day...

Well, we've had a bit of sunshine, a little snow, even more rain, plus a touch of hail, but I'm having a wonderful birthday in spite of the crazy weather!  The day is half over, and I'm still sitting around in my PJ's, relaxing.  My sons are both here.  They got me some fun gifts, a holiday favorite of ours, the Home Alone Blu-ray movies; Unnatural Creatures, a book of short shorties chosen by Neil Gaiman, including one of his own; and just for laughs, a Lord of the Rings Lego set, for the kid in me!  It really did make me laugh, and I'm going to put it together and display it near my Lord of the Rings movie collection!

Birthday Fun!
My husband cooked us all a delicious breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs, bacon, and sourdough toast!  He's the best!  He got me a vintage Coronet magazine from the month I was born, and there's a great story in it by Billy Holiday about her life.  He also got me some favorite DVD's!  The original British Miss Marple series starring Margaret Rutherford; a Katharine Hepburn collection Morning Glory, Stage Door, The Philadelphia Story, and an all time favorite, Little Women; and finally, the Blu-ray Extended Edition of The Hobbit!  I'm movie rich, and I can see a lot of cozy, winter evenings ahead of us.  He's now in the kitchen preparing to bake a couple of birthday desserts.  One of them is definitely Gooseberry Pie!  I feel so fortunate to have my husband and sons at home with me on my birthday!  I am blessed!


Andrea said...

You are indeed blessed ... and Happy Birthday to you. Your husband making scrambled eggs reminds me of my father who used to make scambled eggs every Sunday morning for the family. He was famous (among our friends) for his scrambled eggs ... I still don't know what his trick was. I should have found that out when I still could. And all of your movies ... reminds me of my husband who loves his movies. A quiet night at home with a good movie and a bowl of popcorn is what life is all about for him. I haven't been here in awhile, so I am happy I caught you on your Birthday ... Hope it continues to be as special as it started out .... and yummmm, Gooseberry pie.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Andrea! It was a restful, wonderful day. The Gooseberry Pie is fabulous! He really did a great job with it. Our scrambled egg secret is adding a splash of milk when stirring the eggs. It seems to make them fluffier. We'll be doing the movie, with popcorn, tonight! Glad to see you back! :)