Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Silent Scream...

You can't hear it, but if you're paying close attention, it's palpable.
It reverberates down the cluttered hallway into the darkness.
It seeps under the closed, locked door, rising to the ceiling.
Looking for escape. For light. For air.
There is no music, only the sharp pitch growing, filling any open space.
Until inside, there is only one sound. Silence.

© 26Apr2016 ajj

Note: This is a work in progress, based on a battle with mental illness. Sometimes we can't hear those around us, even though they are screaming inside themselves, until it's too late.


Sally said...

I'm wondering if you finished this writing, Nita Jo. I can surely relate to mental illness, my own. Thank you.


Nita Jo said...

Sally, I never did get back to this one. I intend to at some point. It's a difficult, but important subject. Many people I love are affected with one form or another. I've had a couple of bouts with depression in the past and still battle a mild form of OCD. Talking about it helps to remove the stigma. :)