Saturday, July 9, 2016

Catching Up on Prompts...

With the holiday weekend, I got busy and didn't get back to the BlogHer writing prompts. I looked them over this morning and several didn't apply to me, so I'm combining them into this post.

I still read the first blog I began with, Silver Valley Stories. Carol introduced me to blogging and a community of other writers. I read several blogs before finally deciding to start mine.

I can't remember who I first emailed with, after we met through blogging. It was very likely Pam Warden of Pam Warden Art, Donna of Made in Heaven or Donna of Cottage Days and Journeys. I do know I've made some wonderful friends along the way.

It's always flattering when someone mentions me in their writing. My friend Carol wrote a very sweet piece about our friendship a couple years ago, Kindred Spirits. We've had a unique and special friendship, and I treasure it!

I can't close this post without mentioning the heartbreak going on in our nation. Praying for all who have lost loved ones. Praying for peace.

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Sally said...

Praying for our nation also, Nita Jo. We're in dire straights that's for sure. :(


Nita Jo said...

Prayer has gotten us through some rough times, and I believe we'll come through everything happening now. Thanks for stopping by Sally! :)