Friday, July 1, 2016

Writing Prompts and Blogging...

I decided to try using the July Writing Prompts posted on BlogHer (just click on the name to see the prompts for yourself). The prompt for today is:

What was the first blog you read online?

That would be Silver Valley Stories, written by my dear friend, Carol Roberts. In fact, Carol is the person who suggested I begin writing a blog. She knew I had a love of words and writing, and thought it would be a great outlet for me to practice my skills. How right she was! Blogging has been a wonderful release for my creativity, my love for sharing family stories, and so much more! It opened a world to me, filled with like-minded, creative individuals. Through blogging, I've met people from all across the country and as far away as Australia and Europe. Some have even become close friends. I've learned, been entertained, and I've seen the world through different eyes. Blogging has definitely been a rewarding experience for me!


Donna said...

As it has for me...You can see the world through other blogger's eyes!
Hope all is well with you today!

Nita Jo said...

Things are going ok. Could always be better I guess. Haha! I'm just hoping the rest of the summer gives us some good news! :)

Sally said...

I've been blogging (my first one in 2002) a lot of years. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting any of my blog friends yet, but hopefully will in October. I'll be meeting a buddy from Scotland who's coming to Florida. :)


Nita Jo said...

Sally, that's really exciting! I haven't met any blogging friends in person, at least none I didn't know before we began blogging. I hope you have a great visit with your friend from Scotland!