Friday, September 23, 2016

Autumn Arrived with Rain...

My favorite season arrived yesterday, and it came with rain! I love rain! It calls for some warm soup and crusty, buttered bread, hot coffee, and books read in cushy chairs.

I also have a feeling of sad nostalgia for things long forgotten. People who are now only shadows in memory. Music I used to love. Songs I used to sing, welling up from somewhere deep inside. That old mama cat I loved so well, who disappeared one summer never to be seen again, and Spooky dog with your sweet, sad eyes. That little friend who told ghost stories in the night, and the little boy who drowned in Indian Creek one summer day. Hiding in books, so many books. Stories of adventure removing me from my realities. Playing the piano, letting my fingers search and find the mournful notes, the minor chords, healing my broken heart as the sad notes rose up and away.

Life is funny. Our hearts are often a mystery waiting to be solved. We journey on and suddenly, we are there, in the autumn days, and they are sad, and they are strange, but also beautiful. It's a season to revel in, to enjoy. May it be a long season filled with both memory and discovery.

© 23Sep2016 ajj

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