Friday, September 30, 2016

When Things Go Wrong...

This has been one of those weeks. It seems what could go wrong, did.

I wasn't up to participating in last weekends yard sale, and now with September at an end, it will have to wait till spring.

My printer sputtered and died. I tried all my various tricks and techniques, which had worked in the past, but  nothing helped.

The old 52 Chevy, my husband loves so well, took it's final gasp. It will need a rebuild or replacement engine. The one he dropped into it last year has failed him.

My niece fell from the 4th floor fire escape of her NY apartment. Thankfully, she landed on the edge of the 3rd floor fire escape and was able to hang on till her friend got to her. She's very banged up with bad scrapes and bruises, had to miss some work, but so grateful to have survived!

You know the old saying, when it rains, it pours. That can apply equally to good things and bad. Well, I'm expecting some good, cleansing rain! I shared this thought on social media yesterday:  I'm not dismayed or even anxious, which is my normal response. I feel like a good wind of change is coming our way.

Putting that positive thought out there has already reaped benefits. The $2800.00 car repair looks like it will cost less than a third of that amount! Printers are on sale right now, and we have a bit extra because of my husband's unexpected overtime hours. Positive things are happening for both sons! Perhaps I'll just donate most of the items I had set aside for the yard sale, and keep that "cleansing rain" going strong!

Well, those are my thoughts tonight. It's getting late. Time to get some rest!

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Donna said...

Goodness! At least the car repair is going to be cheaper!
I hate when things turn out like this...

Nita Jo said...

Somehow I missed this comment. Things sometimes seem terrible, but have a way of working out. All is well now! :)