Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Beautiful Day

It has been a beautiful Easter Day. We made it a family day, and just spent time together. PJ and ETJ even helped peel the potatoes... I made scalloped potatoes from scratch for the first time. They were so good. PJ had picked up a ham from Smoky Davis and pies from Marie Callendar. It was the easiest holiday meal I've ever had to do. PJ also made French Toast and bacon breakfast! I felt very pampered today!

I spent some time thinking about my upcoming art projects. I'm going to design some greeting cards. If they turn out well, I may be creating and selling them on eBay. If not, family and friends will receive them anyway! I have a certain look in mind, and I'm hopeful that I can accomplish it.

I have a huge photo project that I need to complete first. I'm scanning old slides and negatives, then I make prints of some to share with family. I love my scanner! It does this even better than I had hoped.

Thought a lot about Mom this weekend. Her birthday would have been yesterday. She's been gone almost five years now. I still miss her, though it's not that heartwrenching missing like it was at first. I'd just like to have a nice chat over coffee or a trip to Savers with her. Last week ETJ and my niece went with me to the new Savers Grand Opening. They had some really good "junk"! I love secondhand stores and yard sales! I found a couple of treasures to take home for under $10.00! One person's junk....

Well, I'm off for a bit of cleaning before turning in for the night.


Anonymous said...

That sounds so wonderful.I bet you will have beautiful Cards..Can't wait to see them.
Also would love to see photos or slides.When my Mom came and visited with you all.Your Mom gave her some photo's and I couldn't believe it.One of the photos I guess was my Great Grandmother as a child and I honestly thought it was me..But then seen the clothing and new..It was amazing..I still try to get it from Mom.But haven't been able to convince her yet..God Bless.I'm truly enjoying what I have read so far.And it was great to see a photo of you..Melody

Jojo said...

Thanks for the comments! I may have a copy of the photo your Mom has. It may take a while to find. I have hundreds of photos to go through from both sides of my family, plus both sides of PJ's and all the photos we've taken over the years!