Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Ducks Return

Last spring, we were fortunate to have a pair of nesting ducks in our front flower bed. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see a couple little yellow faces.
It was exciting to watch the entire progress from nesting, laying, hatching, and departure. The only downside was I worried a lot about wandering dogs, cats, etc. as my front garden is not very protected. A couple eggs were destroyed by a snake. There were four little healthy ducklings in all. They followed their mama duck to the canal that is a block from our home. We were able to see them swimming there for several weeks after they left our garden. It was a joy!

This morning as I stepped outside to shake my dustcloth, there was a familiar flapping of wings in my garden! I had hoped they would chose a more secluded place this year, but that is getting hard to do. The open fields and farms are becoming a thing of the past, so we are seeing more "city" creatures than ever before. Nature in our own back yards. I don't know if they have definitely settled for our garden, but I'll keep you updated if they do.

Today I read a little poetry, started to rearrange and organize my family room, and watched The Fellowship of the Ring with my niece. Yes, I'm a Lord of the Rings fan. It had been such a long time since I watched it, but I enjoyed it as much as ever. I even took a couple minutes to play my piano... it's been years since I have done that. Boy, was I rusty but it felt good to try. My niece has been playing, and I have really been enjoying it.


Silver Valley Girl said...

It is so nice to finally visit your blog. I love the name, and it will be so fun to check it out each day. I love it already. How fun having ducks in your yard!!

I know you will, like me, find this a wonderful outlet for all your wonderful creativity. And it will help me, as your friend, feel closer to you.

Look forward to being a part of this new journey with you.

Love Ya!!

Jojo said...

Love you too! I can already feel more motivation to write. It also helps that we got a glimpse of spring, although it's COLD today!

Thought a couple neighbor dogs had chased off the ducks, but they were there again this morning.