Monday, March 31, 2008

My beautiful Mama!

This is a favorite picture of my Mom and I. She looks so young
and beautiful! Grandma Martha always lovingly referred to her as "your little Mama". A lady of small stature and a big heart. We called her Mama for years. It took a while to transfer to the more grown-up name of Mother or Mom.

I woke up today feeling stronger, and my vision is improved. Thank you Jesus! Whenever I'm tempted to fall into the depths of dispair, I remember my Mother's courage. Not just the final trial of cancer that ended her life, but all the disappointments, losses, and hardships she faced. Many, only her closest family knew about. She faced her trials with humor and courage. When she commited her life to God, it multiplied the strength she was born with. She was a brave little warrior. I take that back, she still is a brave little warrior! I think the Saints in Heaven must rejoice to have her there, and I like to think she has them all laughing right along with her!


Silver Valley Girl said...

What a great picture. Yes, your mom was so great. I loved her sense of humor. Maybe your mom and my dad have met in heaven, and are keeping each other in stiches!!

Jojo said...

From what I've heard of your Dad, I'll bet they are keeping the laughter rolling between them. Do you think they get to chat over coffee? That would be heaven for me!