Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little Blessings

Sometimes in my day to day existence, I miss noticing the extra little blessings that come my way. My niece moved in with my family a while back. I was just thinking this week about how much she has brightened our lives. JP brings a fresh point of view to our normal routines. She has a distinct sense of humor and a quick smile. Her laughter is contagious!

JP also motivated me to clear away the clutter on my piano bench so she could practice. It's been lovely to hear her sing and play. If pianos could be grateful, I'm sure mine would be. It's been an oft neglected instrument in my home... played only at Christmastime and not even then the past couple of years. She also plays her guitar. She has brought music back into my day! I guess that's more than just a "little" blessing. It's a huge one to me.

Yesterday, I had to call to remove my list from an upcoming Lisa Bevere event due to my budget. I was blessed with a scholarship ticket that some caring person supplied to my church. I almost said "no... that's ok..." I have a very difficult time accepting help from others. I don't mind giving, but I am not as gracious a receiver. It's hard for me, but once I said yes, there was this little burst of joy in my heart. I really wanted to attend this special event and was so discouraged when I thought I would not be able to. What a blessing some unknown person has given to me! I am so thankful!

I need to remind myself to be aware of all the blessings that come my way. Sometimes it may be the smallest thing to the giver, but it can mean everything to the receiver.


Silver Valley Girl said...

I am so glad JP is living with you. Give her a big hug for me and tell her I love her!! I'm sure living at your home is just as much a blessing in her life as she is in yours. Have a great day!!

Jojo said...

Big Hug and Love delivered just a little while ago... now she's sleeping like a little angel! She was reminiscing about when they lived with you and Paul... and you played Mario on the Nintendo! Happy Times!

Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, and that is when I realized I had an unhealthy addiction to cute little Mario, and vowed I would never put a video game system in my own home. My poor deprived children. :)