Saturday, April 5, 2008

Computers...a blessing and a curse!

I've had two days of computer nightmares! I'd sign on for 30 seconds... it would sign me off, sign me on, sign me off, sign me on... You get the picture!

I updated my AOL. I cleaned all the browser/cookies/everything I could think of from my files. I defragmented and cleaned/rebooted/unplugged/reinstalled and then rebooted again!

I called AOL... I called Qwest! I thought BAD thoughts! Then, I had to repent of all the bad thoughts. I even considered throwing the whole thing across the room. The final straw was when I tried to unplug everything from the tower. I was bent over trying to see the back of the thing, when the DSL Modem I had carefully put on top of my piano came plunging down and hit me right on the back of my head. You might say I was at a very low point in my day.

My day began so nicely. The sun came out all shiney and springlike. I had a fantastic conversation with my Grandma on the phone (who was also loving the sunshine coming in through her window). I got some fun things in the mail. Saturday laundry and cleaning was going beautifully. Then I sat down to list an item on eBay... the same one I tried to list six times yesterday. Anyway...

All is well at last. I have my internet back. How did I survive before I had all these connections to the world? I can read the blogs of my friends, I can correspond with them, shop, play games, share photos. The list goes on and on.

I'm back in cyberspace, and all's right with my world (my internet world anyway)!

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