Saturday, April 26, 2008

Duck Update

I've been watching our "tenant" each day, but she is rarely away from her nest. This year "Mama" duck decided to tuck her nest behind a large aluminum flower tub right next to the house. She is nearly invisible unless you are practically on top of her looking down. She sits so very still, and doesn't even blink an eye. So far, she is too shielded to even get a photo.

Last night PJ was leaning in for a peek and he heard her quack... except that he didn't see any movement. Again he heard it. He backed away and was enjoying the cool evening air when he happened to glance up. Right on the peak of our roof were two males and one female. Thus the quacking! He called me out to look. There they were, sharing a conversation as they looked toward the beautiful setting sun. We stood and watched them for a few minutes. There was something so peaceful about it. The feeling lingered with me long after I went back into the house. Moments like that are precious and rare.

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