Friday, March 28, 2008

Rainy Friday

It is a rainy, cold Friday. Winter is having it's last stand! Earlier today I had to run errands and the wind was whipping. Came home with an entirely new hairdo!

Does anybody else still say hairdo? I remember childhood Saturday's. We got our hair washed and then put up in curlers. When your hair was all rolled up, you covered it with a pretty scarf. If we went into town, you'd see plenty of girls, and grown women, with their hair up like this. You slept on the rollers overnight so that you'd have a beautiful, curly "do" for Sunday. When I was very small the rollers were those wired, plastic bristle, torture devices. It's a miracle we got any sleep at all! I remember getting the new "state of the art" pink foam and plastic rollers. They were such a soft, modern invention. Anything for beauty. These days it's just wash, dry and go for me!

I am the age of women I thought of as ancient when I was little. On a TV program recently, Nora Ephron said it was hair color. When we were young, less women used it. I gave in a couple months ago and rinsed away my grey. It did make me feel younger until I did the closeup look in the mirror. Now I have younger hair, but the wrinkles haven't gone anywhere. That's okay though. I earned every single one of them, and I intend to wear them with pride! The hair color takes the place of a pretty new hat. I will change it to suit my mood or the occasion. Even an old girl has to have a little fun.


Silver Valley Girl said...

Yes, I go Wednesday to get some new color. I'm sick of the "Cruella DeVille" look with the big white gray streak down the middle of my bangs. Not sure what colors I'm doing, but it should be fun!!

Jojo said...

"Cruella" has a certain air of distinction about her! Ha! You'll have to send me a picture of your "new do"!