Sunday, January 11, 2009

Update on PJ... and Fake Emails...

First of all, an update on my husband. The surgery went well, though he had a reaction to the anesthesia and threw up most of the first night. He is much better, though feels he won't be up to going back to work for a few days. Still having pain if he tries to do much of anything, especially if it requires him to bend over. PJ has not had to use hardly any pain medication, which is a real blessing. I appreciate all the prayers and kind comments! It means a lot!

Now for the second thing. Twice, after posting a comment, I received an email showing the comment I posted and a second email. It appeared to be from my own email address, but both were sexually based ads for products.

My fear is, since these came to me using my own address as sender, my friends and family may receive email that appears to be from me promoting these items.

I have notified AOL, my email provider, and hope to have the source of this tracked down and stopped. I have been running my virus program to insure that this isn't something buried in my PC.

If any of you receive emails from my address with titles similar to "Time is Pleasure" or "Making _ _______ Tools" (Yes... left blank for a reason), please do not open. Forward them to me or to with a brief explanation. I don't know how my exact email address can be used like this, but am working with AOL to find an answer.

It may result in me closing my current account and opening up under another name. I will keep you all posted! Please, please let me know right away if you have received anything from my email address that you know is out of charactor for me!

Nita Jo

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