Friday, October 16, 2009

Endless Yard Sale and Excess...

We are having such beautiful weather here. Perfect cool days and cold nights. Tomorrow promises to be a grand day for garage cleaning. If I had time to prepare, it would have made a perfect "last yard sale of the season" day. My husband has taken the day off to spend with us. Maybe take our son for a much needed haircut and run some errands.

Did anyone watch HGTV's 2009 Endless Yard Sale? Every time I see an episode, I want to be there! The Route 127 Yard Sale starts in Ohio and finishes in Alabama, taking you through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. That's 654 miles of yard sale bargains! Unbelievable! Tons of antiques and collectibles along with great deals on newer items. I love getting a bargain, but haven't actually been to a yard sale since early last spring. I made a deal with myself that I would eliminate all my excess "stuff" before bringing any new treasures home. That has been hard!

Trimming my excess has been hard too. And, I'm not just talking stuff. Over the past few months I have gained so much weight, and now we are heading into my favorite "eating" holidays. Part of the problem is that I have lost all desire to diet, and exercise is only what will make my arms and legs feel more normal, rather than what will make them look better... but I digress...

My excess "stuff" is still all around me. I've posted before about my good intentions to simplify. Impressive talk, but no action. I love all my goofy trinkets and keepsakes. And if, God forbid, they were all taken from me tomorrow, I know I would be fine. But they're all still here. Most of them anyway. Another big box went off to charity last week, and I have plans for more to go to the big Orchestra fund-raising yard sale next weekend. This will help pay for Lucky 13's spring Orchestra trip to Seattle. So see... I've been hoarding all these goodies for a reason!

I hope my craziness brings you a smile!

Nita Jo


Donna said...

I understand! We've on a massive cleanout here at the cottage (a continuation, actually), and it is amazing how much STUFF we have. But we have successfully carted out loads and loads of it just this week! Would you believe that the endless yard sale is only about 1 hour from us? We've never gone. I would love to sometime but DH hates dealing with crowds and traffic. And we would only end up buying more STUFF! LOL.

Nita Jo said...

Oh, you should grab a couple of girlfriends and go next time. There are so many different things to look at! If I went, I'd have to decide ahead of time on a spending limit. And, I wouldn't bring a trailor. Only get stuff I could put in, or on top of, my vehicle! Lol!

Donna said...

Hahahaa!! You should SEE what My store room is filled with!! I Need to have another yard sale but just haven't gotten around to doing one!
I Also love a good yard sale!! That's probably My problem!!! Have a great week sweetie!hughugs

Donna said...

Darn!!! Sorry the sale didn't do so well! I think I'd try again though!!hughugs
PS-I really like your music!