Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, Monday...

It's been a long Monday. It started out this morning, when I glanced out the kitchen window to see if the bus had picked up Lucky 13. I was just in time to see a car racing toward him, slam on the brakes, he jumped forward... Heart felt like it stopped! Then he got on the bus. The bus driver had been honking the whole time, trying to get the attention of the driver. Later on, my son told me the driver's windshield had been dirty. This was in a lighted intersection, bus lights flashing, some boys crossing just ahead of my son. He said he had one of those "hair on the back of the neck" feelings, heard a whirring that he realized was tires, saw the light from the headlights coming up fast and he jumped forward. She was within a couple inches of hitting him. After Lucky 13 got on the bus, his driver continued lecturing her out the window. Huge scare for all of us. We were very blessed that it was just a scare and not a trip to the hospital!

The rest of the day was spent catching up on sleep, filling a box for donation to the ARC, taking Lucky 13 to his follow-up doctor appointment... more tests. I didn't get much done this evening other than watch Dancing With the Stars. Then I decided to check my email.

There was a note from my niece, Nicole. She got three of her songs placed on YouTube. I'm very excited for her. She's a wonderful singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist. Multi-talented! Here is a sample of her work.

Original song, Come Back Tomorrow.
Acoustic demo recorded in Seattle WA 2009.
Words and Music by Nicole Peoples (c) 2004

I've got the slippers on my feet, broomstick in hand
You say I'll understand; "Come back tomorrow"
It's always tomorrow
But I've followed this road for too long now
That I cant turn around, and go back now

I'm on a road, signs leading nowhere
It's gotta end somewhere
Only I just don't know
And I've followed this road for so long now
I wont turn around and go back now, anymore

Turn out the lights, lock up the door
Pull out the drive, hop on I-84
And I know I'm not coming back anymore
No, you wont see me around
You wont see me around

The freeway is quiet, this time of night
Scattered and sparse are the on-coming lights
The slower cars better keep to the right
cause I won't wait for anyone
I won't wait for anyone

Oh my! It's as if I've waited my entire life
Caught inside a stained glass bottle fermented in wine
But it's more than just a state of mind I'm in
More than just a state of mind, my friend


April Belle said...

What a scare for Lucky 13... and you all! I hope that driver got the message to pay more attention, yikes.

And... love that song of your niece's. Wow. What a talent! It looks like creative energy runs in the family! :)

Penny said...

Hello Nita Jo.
I am so glad you came by my blog for a visit and glad you left a sweet comment about my piece fro MWO. Its a shame you didn't have enough time to get yours finished; but I know how that goes. I had the same problem in September and have an unfinished piece laying around. My husband call me the queen of unfinished projects but its all in fun so I don't mind.
What a scare you had. Some people driving is really scarey too preoccupied with cell phones, or coffee or make-up, etc than whats on the road ahead. Glad it turned out well.

Anni's Art said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my work to MVO, it's a shame you didn't have the time to finished your work, your niece sings well.

Donna said...

OhMyWORD Girl!!! Poor Baby! Thank God he's alright!!!hughugs

Nita Jo said...

Friends! Thank you all for taking the time to comment. My son got over the "car" scare & his health is doing better, my niece got heard at an "open mike" night and got an actual gig for Saturday night, so things are looking up!

Sorry I didn't make individual comments. I'm so far behind on my blog, facebook, email... I may have to scrap a bunch and start fresh. Lol! Always something more to do.

Love to all!
Nita Jo