Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucky 13...

I've had messages of concern from some of you, so I wanted to let you know I may be inconsistent (more than usual) with my posts.

My son is having some health problems that are giving us great concern. He will be having more medical tests this coming Tuesday. The doctors aren't even sure what they're looking for, or if they do, they're not saying it to us.

To those of you who pray, please remember him in your prayers. He's my youngest, called Lucky 13 on my blog. He has missed about 5 weeks of school. It's his senior year, and because of all this, he will be leaving his High School. He will take online courses to complete his schooling when his health improves.

I believe all will be well. God holds us... He holds all things in the palm of His hands.

Thank you for your prayers and your concern! It means a lot!

Nita Jo


Miss Sandy said...

Nita Jo,

I am so sorry to hear about your sons health problems. I will keep you all in my prayers.

I know you are very busy right now, but if you have time please stop by my blog for a little blessing!

Donna said...

Loving you Miz Nita!!! I wish there were more I could do to help...Still praying for your family sweetie!!(((HUG))))

Donna said...

I will be praying for him to get well, and for you to lift the burden on your heart!