Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Years of Blogging...

Today I celebrated two years of blogging.  I had been having a hard time each year when mom's birthday came around.  It would have been yesterday, the 22nd.  Two years ago, I decided to put my energy into something new... something that would be a positive for me.  I decided to start a blog.  It was one of the better decisions I ever made. 

I have found the blogging community to be friendly and supportive.  I've made some amazing friendships that would have never come about any other way.  I've met people from Texas, Wisconsin, Arkansas and as far away as Australia... all over the States and all over the world.  My little blog has expanded my universe.  It's also enabled me to keep old friends and family up to date with what's going on in my life.

These days I am rarely sad when I think of my mom.  I have borrowed from her sense of optimism and love for life.  My Mary Engelbreit calendar has a quote for each day.  The quote for mom's birthday was "I am here to live out loud!"  It made me laugh.  Such optimism!  That's how my mom lived her life.  You can see it in her picture... even her eyes are smiling!  I'm going to keep working at "living out loud"... not hiding when things are hard, or sad, but facing it all head on.  Life is too good to let it pass by unnoticed!


Donna said...

I lost my mom in '96...and Really miss her...But...we have to keep on going...They are Never far from us.
Happy Bloggaversary!!! Ain't it Fun!!!

Sandi said...

Hi Nita Jo,
CONGRATULATIONS on two years of blogging!! YAY for you!!
I still have my mother and I thank God for her every day! Hugs to you!!

Nita Jo said...

Donna, It's true that they are never far from us. I feel my mom near many times. I do love blogging and hope to do more of it!

Sandy, You are so fortunate to have your mom around! They are so special in our lives. My mom lost her mother when she was only 20 years old, so I was fortunate to have mine for so long!

Thanks to both of you for visiting me!

Dorothy said...

It's so hard when you loose your mom, like you our mom passed two years ago in October, and I still want to pick up the phone and call her. I miss and love my mom..


Dorothy from grammology

Donna said...

"Living out loud" is a great motto! You were so lucky to have such a dear mom who showered you with love!

Hey, don't forget that you have a blogging friend in Tennessee too, LOL. I can't imagine life without a blog now, and I am so glad that we have gotten to know each other!

Nita Jo said...

Dorothy, I'm like you. I still miss mom so much, but it really is less painful now. She passed in 2003. That phone thing may never go away though. Our mom's are the first people we call with news of any kind. I still reach for the phone.

Donna, It is a great motto isn't it! I love my little calendar with all the daily quotes. I didn't forget about my Tennessee friend, just knew it would take a long time to mention all. There's also North Carolina, Maine, New York, Arizona, Canada, Oregon, Washington State,and oh so many more. Isn't it amazing how big our world can get just by sitting down at our computers! I am thankful for each new friend I've met. I'm especially thankful for you. Your uplifting words have been a blessing to me!