Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yikes! Playlist Warning...

I love Carol King's music, so I had a couple of her songs on my Playlist.  This morning when it got to one of her songs there was the most awful, off-key rendition in place of Carol!  When I went to Playlist, I discovered that the songs of Carol's on my Playlist were all being sung by this person. I had selected the songs from  blogfiles-wfmu-org (I purposely typed this so it would not link to the site).  Maybe it was a joke, but I take a lot of time selecting recordings with the best sound before adding them.  You may want to check your Playlist to see if your favorites have changed.

Other than that, it's been an amazing day.  I'm feeling better, so I spent the morning sorting through more boxes of stuff.  ARC came yesterday for a big box.  Salvation Army is coming tomorrow for our old washer and dryer, plus however many boxes I can fill for them.

My friend, Judy, dropped by to visit.  She brought me Chantilly perfume!  It was her moms, who was a very special person in my life.  Each time I wear it, I will think of her.

We've had weather!  All kinds!  It went from being around 60 to cold and rainy today.  We even got snow!  My poor tulips were tightly shut and all hunched over.  It's no surprise to me though.  It's just another traditional Idaho spring!  Lol!



Silver Valley Girl said...

Good for you!! I went through some clothes today, too. I really wanted to have a garage sale on Saturday, but I'm not sure the weather is going to cooperate. Oh well, at least I'm making progress. It is so tedious, though. I'd much rather be writing or reading a good book!! The girls made it safe today. Praise the Lord!! They are so excited to be down there this week. I wish I could come down and spend a day with you...I'd really love some time with my kindred spirit!!

Donna said...

Glad that you are feeling the joy of cleaning out! Less clutter and someone else can use your donations - everybody wins!

Nita Jo said...

SVG, I am making steady progress on my sorting. It feels good, but I'm like you and would rather be reading or writing. I'd love to spend time with you too. I miss having my kindred spirit nearby. I keep hoping I can make a trip to see you one of these days!

Donna, You are so right! It feels so good to donate. My mom bought almost everything second hand. People were always amazed at how nice her home looked. It was furnished from Salvation Army, Youth Ranch, yard sales and auctions! With every box that leaves my house, I feel like I can breath deeper!

Donna said...

SNOW????? YUCK!LOL....and my sister Loves Chantilly!!
Sorry I've been a bad blogger lately! Crys' marriage and babysitting have Really got me!!
I'll be better next week hopefully!!LOL

Nita Jo said...

You have nothing to apologize for Donna! Your life has been so full, I'm surprised you can get to your blog at all! At least you've been busy with the "good things" of life!