Thursday, April 1, 2010

Roberts Family Article & Video

I wanted to share an article that features my family. There is a photo of the grandparents who raised my sister and I.  There is also a video with my uncle and cousins talking about our family.  It was a lot of fun listening to the video clip.  I hope you enjoy it.

Idaho Press-Tribune Cavalcade - Roberts Legacy

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April is National Poetry Month.  I was reminded when I went to visit one of my favorite blogs, Inland Empire Girl. Click on the name to visit her.  I doubt I will get a poem posted each day, but I'll try for a few.  I do love poetry of all kinds.  I selected two in honor of the unpredictable springtime weather.  I'll start with Emily Dickinson.


The sky is low, the clouds are mean,
A travelling flake of snow
Across a barn or through a rut
Debates if it will go.

A narrow wind complains all day
How some one treated him;
Nature, like us, is sometimes caught 
Without her diadem.
(Free Image from The Graphics Fairy)

And, one from Robert Louis Stevenson,
for the child in us...


The rain is raining all around,
It falls on field and tree,
It rains on the umbrellas here,
And on the ships at sea.


Donna said...

Well, How COOL was That??!!!!
I Also believe in arriving 15 minutes early!!!Hahaa
Wonderful Miz Nita!!

Nita Jo said...

Thanks! I want to take time to read the other family stories. Lately, I've been interested in learning more of Idaho history as seen through the eyes of the everyday people. Their day to day experiences. Also, whenever I arrive late (yes, guilty!) I hear my Grandpa's voice telling me the importance of being early for work, for appointments, for church. I hope you saw the poems. I added them just a couple minutes ago. Have a Happy Easter!

Tes said...

Lovely poetry, Nitz! I love your play list, am a fan of Enya as well... beautiful line up you have there! *hugs*

Nita Jo said...

Thanks Tes! I love most music and have favorites from many genres. I pretty much have a song for any mood! I am really loving the music of Priscilla Ahn lately. And, Enya is always great!