Monday, April 12, 2010

Life Looks Better Today...

I know my last post was very sad... There are reasons.  One of them... my husband received an email from a dear friend yesterday.  Her husband has been battling Pancreatic Cancer for the past year or so.  He is now in the last stages.  Even in his weakened state, he typed a short note in the email asking everyone to pray for his wife to have strength and comfort.  That is a true example of the kind of people they are.  Caring, loving Christians, who put others before themselves.  Please pray for them, pray for their children...

And, while you are praying, please remember Pam Warden and her husband John, and their children and grandchildren.  You can visit Pam at Pam Warden Art and at Faith Folk Cafe.

I had uplifting messages from Pam yesterday and even late into the night.  With all she is dealing with, she took the time to reach out to me.  I've also had two phone calls from my dear Margie D.  She's the lady who always knew when something was going on in my Grandma's life.  The phone would ring, and it would be Margie saying "I've been prayin' on you... what's going on?"  She had a spirit connection with Grandma.  They had been friends for many years.  She has now connected with me.  Her phone calls come just when I need them!  Another friend chatted with me online into the wee hours... I am so blessed!

I hope each of you have those kind of special friendships in your life.  Dear friends who are there when they are most needed!  I want to leave you on a happy note... in honor of Poetry Month, here is a favorite of mine:

The Top Step in the Hotel in Junin
by Jimmy Stewart

The top step in the hotel in Junin is mean.
Like the Devil is mean.
And it lies at the top of the other steps,
So quiet, so still, so serene.

But this top step has something quite special,
A very ingenious device:
It's half an inch higher than the other steps,
A whole inch to be more precise.

And it uses this inch as a weapon,
The guests of the place to harass:
For when you reach the third floor
of that hotel in Junin,
The top step trips you right on your ass.

Now I've had my share of knocks on the head,
I've felt enemy gunfire in war.
But if you want my opinion of what's really bad,
I'll be glad to give you the score.

Of all the degrading, inhuman, mean things,
That I in my life have yet seen,
The gross, most despicable one of them all
Is the top step in the hotel in Junin.

This poem makes me laugh.  The only thing better than reading it, would be hearing Jimmy Stewart reciting it.  I'm sure his distinctive voice would have given it an even funnier edge.

Finally, I leave you with a bumper sticker quote my husband sent me a few minutes ago.  I don't put much thought into end times, I try to live my best each day just for the challenge of it.  But this one had me laughing out loud:

Jesus is Coming...
Look Busy!


Donna said...

I LOVE it and hope you'll let me steal it!!HAHahahaaaa.....

Constantly praying for you and your family Sweetheart...hang in there! The friend is Truly a nobel man....

Paula said...

Too funny Nita Jo! I saw that bumper sticker not too long ago and nearly choked!
Hope things are looking up for you and your friends soon...always praying,

Nita Jo said...

Thanks to both of you! Once in a while we need a really good laugh!