Friday, January 14, 2011

Sunday Scribblings... Progress

This is my January 2nd Sunday Scribblings submission.  The prompt was Progress... it's progress for me to have actually written again.  To read my older submissions go to My Sunday Scribblings

Progress.  Stepping forward, no steps back.  Or is it just arriving a bit further ahead from where you originally began.  If it's the second, I am making progress.  In my home, in my health, in my soul. I evolve a bit more each day in my heart and my spirit.  The one regret... my writing has been neglected... very little progress there.  Nothing for publication, not much for sharing, but it began long ago in pain...

Rivers are so cold
Rushing swiftly, leaving me
They are like people

That is one version of my ninth grade English assignment.  It came from my heart, my hurt.  My teacher loved it.  She liked all my writing.  She told me I should go to college and focus on it.  I didn't go.  I didn't really believe her, even though I wanted to.  Life just kept drifting by.  Now, it's 38 years later.  I still feel that 16 year old girl sometimes, late in the night.  Her hopes and her dreams, her pain and her fears.  I feel her, but there has been progress.  I no longer hold to pain tightly.  People still hurt me, and life isn't always pretty, but I've learned how to face it.  I grasp it in my hands, lift it to the sky, and release. 

copyright January 14, 2011 ajj

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Deborah said...

This is so poingnant and I can feel those words written all that time ago, I'm glad you are still writing :o)