Friday, February 24, 2012

Favorite Things Photo Challenge

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Brenda Photo Challenge, A Few of My Favorite Things.  You can see my photography attempts for this challenge Right Here.  

It is really the tiniest sampling of my favorite things.  One thing I noticed as I thought about it, things from my childhood were making the strongest connection for this challenge.  My Grandma Martha loved rocks.  I don't know why she did, but I know I've loved rocks from the time I was a little girl.  I used to make little villages of rock people.  They were complete with dwellings, roads, etc.  I also remember looking into rivers, and I always noticed the shiny rocks along the bottom.  They had beautiful textures and colors.

While out in my front garden, taking photos for the Challenge, I found a rock with a beautiful leaf imprint. 

It's just so beautiful.

I love artwork, so I also took a photograph of one of my favorite paintings.   This is one that was painted by my Grandma Ruth.  She passed away when I was only a year old, but I think we would have had so much fun sharing our love of art.
This is a cropped view of her original painting.  It's also been altered with the "Ink Sketch" application in Paint.

There are common bonds, threads that link the generations in a family.  You find they are there, even when they couldn't have been learned by knowing a person.  Family stories often reveal these little traits.  Who inspired your tastes, your favorites?  Do you know?  Or is it a long ago ancestor you never even met? 

Speaking of favorites, tonight is one of my favorite programs... "Who Do You Think You Are?"  It's the program that spurred me to start my ancestry search.  Along the way, I have discovered some fun things about my family history.  I still have many more mysteries to uncover.

Please take a moment to visit the Brenda Photo Challenge Blog and check out all the entries, my attempts at Nita Jo's Photos, and check out NaBloPoMo February Blogroll at Blogher... I'm still participating in the February writing challenge on Relatives.  There are a lot of writers participating.

Oh, and don't forget about the Give-away over at Junk Exchange.  You still have time to leave a comment and be entered for a subscription to Folk Magazine!   Plus, I know you will really enjoy the wonderful things Troy has to offer. 

As you head into your weekend, I hope it's a beautiful one!

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Carli Nicole said...

cool photos! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


SOUL said...

hi there - i love your pics. i hope you don't mind that i stole the big cat one -- it's awesome! i need it for my background on my laptop :)) right now i have my peek a boo kitties on it. i haven't been very pro-active in my photo taking lately. or much else for that matter . i am working on it though.
i wanted to let ya know also, my soulkid wasn't on air much at all. they showed a 'blip' of her on x-factor, maybe twice.. she didn't make it to tv. she was in the crowd out crowd out front in Austin.
also - my mistake on my blog -- she also auditioned for American Idol- in Galveston-guess i got my wires crossed on the cities- again - didn't get to the judges - there she only made it to the first audition. they were much tougher - but also told her to come back. she was on tv for that too- but if you blinked and weren't watching for her you missed her.
maybe this time. keep your fingers crossed!
not sure why she looks familiar to you - unless maybe you saw her on my blog before??
thanks for comin by-
i'm hoping to be writing more often.
i hope to see you there more too-
happy weekend to you!
sorry for the long pot
i just get carried away sometimes-

Nita Jo said...

First, I don't want to offend anyone, but all my photos are under copyright and not to be copied or used in any manner without written permission. I know this can happen, but I count on people respecting that. My copyright is clearly posted on my blogs.

Soul, I thank you for your comments, and I'm so happy you stopped by. I just don't know how to feel... since you do have the image, I would just ask that you don't pass it along or reproduce it. It's something special and unique to my family, and is being used in some commercial products we are working on. I hope this doesn't sound rude as that's not my intention. I'm so happy you love the painting, and I think my Grandma would have loved the idea that you're using it on your laptop... well, she wouldn't have known what that was, but I'm sure she'd be very proud of it.

Cari Nicole, Thanks for the comments and for stopping by!

Annie said...

Love that leaf in that rock..very cool!
And thanks for your visit to my family photos!

Nita Jo said...

For other visitors, my entries for the photo challenge are at my other blog... Nita Jo's Photos. There is a link at the top of this post and also on my sidebar! Thanks for coming by!

SOUL said...

Yeh, sorry about that.. Won't happen again.
Thanks, i do think it's very awesome

Nita Jo said...

Annie, I really enjoyed your photos! Thank you for stopping by!

And, Thanks Soul! I probably should have cleared it with family before I posted... oh well. I'm still very happy you're getting to enjoy it!