Saturday, February 18, 2012

Seeing The Good In Things...

My son sent me a photo from his cell phone this afternoon.  It was the double-wide trailer that my mom lived in for a time.  Memories washed over me as I looked at the photo.  It was a pretty decent place when she moved in, but by the time she sold it what a different home it was. 

Mom had a way with making something out of nothing.  She painted inside and out, changed out the curtains, wallpapered, had a skylight put in, and more.  She loved Victorian, vintage 40's & 50's, and county style, and she had a unique blend of all the things she loved.  Mom reused and re-purposed before it was fashionable.  It was her way of life.  I can't count the times she pulled the car over for a yard sale, a "good" chair someone had put out with the trash, or one of the many secondhand stores in the area.  She could see potential in things. 

Her eye for "good" wasn't limited to things.  She saw potential in people.  If you had a dream, she was your biggest cheerleader.  Over the years, I watched as she supported people, encouraging them to push for what they wanted.  Mom believed that dreams could, and would come true.  I try to always remember that, and to do the same.  See the good in people, and believe in dreams!


ByLightOfMoon said...

HI Nita Jo,
I love that your stopped by my blog and commented! I will be praying for your father-in-law and hope he is much better very soon!
My Mother also was very creative as I grew up too and is talented in so many crafting and painting projects. She is is into applique for quilting in her 82nd year! And, she loves to cook! I do speak on the phone more than I used too and I so wish we had ask about my grandparents when I had the chance.

She does share here memories with me of what she can remember and recently sent me a family tree with my great- grandmother's side of her family. I never even knew my grandmother's maiden name and all her nine brothers and sister's.

Life is so different these days and I especially see it since we have moved to a small mountain community last summer.

I love the country life as I can wander and see farms and community gatherings.

I never saw the re-purposing until I was in my later years and I wish I had paid more attention when my mother was crafting more. She is trying to teach me crochet when I see her and I am working on getting my tension correct. It is hard for me and it looks so easy!

Life does take us different directions and we do have to make the best of what we have.

Thank you for sharing your blessings and blog. I feel enriched to get to meet you.
Smiles, Cyndi

Donna said...

Sweet post dear Nita!
Hope FIL is doing better!!!

Nita Jo said...

Cyndi, Thanks for stopping by and sharing so many memories and thoughts. I really appreciate your prayers!

Donna, Thank you! He is still hanging on. Had us worried again today, but pulled through. Hugs to you too!

Andrea said...

This is a peaceful, inviting place. I love the tone of your "Little Grey Gardens" blog. I will be back often. I don't know your Father-in-law, but I will add him to my prayers.

Andrea@From The Sol