Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11 - Beginnings, In Regard to Relationships

I can't let today go by without mentioning my grandpa.  Today is his birthday and thoughts of him have flooded my mind.  With people I love, there are certain signatures that they imprint into my memories.  This happens at the beginning of any type of relationship for me.  Over time things are added to that list, but there are always the very significant ones.  With my grandpa, it is the following:

His laugh - indescribable, infectious, pure joy
His prayers - heartfelt, sincere, coming from a deep commitment and trust
His singing - off-key, joyful, with gusto
His hands - strong yet gentle, raised in worship, reaching for a handshake, turning the pages of his Bible
His eyes - laughing, brightest blue, seeing and still loving

In the beginning... with God, with family, with friends.  There are things that imprint, that are written on our hearts.  Those are the important things.

Grandpa & Grandma... Love...


Tammy said...

Oh how I love Jesus...I can still hear him singing that song. Thanks for sharing your sweetest memories of him with us.c

Unknown said...

Your Grandpa was the first true Christian mentor I had. I will always be grateful for his love for me. One of the funniest things I remember about him was when Bill and I were doing marriage counseling before our wedding and he was kind of having a sex talk w/ us....I had already had 3 children. It was sweet. I will always love your grandma and grandpa. Thanks for sharing.

Nita Jo said...

Tammy, Thank you! I can hear him singing it too. With such joy! I love that you, as well as others, have some shared memories of him. It is the legacy he would have wanted. That people would remember his faith and his joy!

Barb, You made me laugh! Yes, the "sex talk" was an important part of the marriage counseling, even for couples who'd been married before. Fresh start and all that. I know how much you loved him and Grandma, and they certainly loved you and Bill!