Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21 - Beginnings, Tenacity

Morning began too soon, after a very restless night.  It's a rainy Saturday.  The gorgeous snow we had, got rained away in two days time.  Bogus Basin, our local ski resort, finally got to open though.  They normally open about Thanksgiving time, so people with jobs connected to skiing have had a rough year, as well as those who make their living plowing roads.  In these tough times, hardships seem to keep getting more difficult.  But, the beginning of 2012 gave us some snow in the hills and a bit of hope.

If I were a pessimist... funny, my husband often calls me "Ms. Negativity"... a little name picked up from our years of watching Home Improvement... anyhooo, I can definitely go there.  I blame it on my love of fiction, and my inner "girl scout"!  I like to create horrific scenarios and then figure out how I'd get out of them.  If only I could get paid for that... wait, some people do get paid for that!  They're called writers!  So I need to get myself to stick with a story idea, long enough to evolve it into a book.  There's the trick.  Talent is important, but sometimes I think tenacity outweighs talent.  Not a stretch, considering some of the books I've seen published.  So, while I hope I have a talent for writing, what I really need is some tenacity.  That's my word for the day.  Tenacity!  It has a nice ring to it!

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Lightverse said...

Tenacity! Well...I say, "Go for it!" And good luck with your future opus!